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Branding Your Booth At Trade Shows
Jan 6
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Doing A Trade Show? 7 Ways To Brand Your Booth

A successful business is built on awareness. One way to increase the visibility of your business is to attend a trade show. To make the most out of the trade show, it is important to focus on branding. Here are seven ways to do that.

  1. Create an attention-grabbing booth

    In order to communicate your brand in the first place, you need to attract attention to your booth. Make your exhibit as large as possible. Use bold colours, big images and fun lighting. Consider making your booth interactive by including games.

  2. Hanging signs

    Display hanging signs that have your company’s logo and slogan (the foundation of your brand) near the entrance of the trade show. These signs can draw attention and get you noticed before people have even officially visited your booth.

  3. Contests and prizes are key

    A great way to brand your booth is through contests and prizes, such as raffles or promo wheels. Use these contests and prizes as an incentive for people to advertise for you. For example, if people post about your booth on social media, they get a chance to enter a contest to win a prize at the end. Similarly, if they wear your promotional giveaway (which has your brand all over it), they get to enter for a chance to win.

  4. Use memorable promotional giveaways that call people to action

    It is commonplace for those at trade shows to receive freebies. They don’t need to be expensive, but they do need to communicate your brand. The key is to make everyone want to wear them, so that you are extending your brand beyond the booth. Lastly, they should also call the person into action, such as using your customized hashtag on social media.

  5. Create a brand experience

    Creating a brand experience that is immersive – something the potential customer or client will remember – will allow those at the trade show to become more intimately acquainted with your brand. Keep in mind that the experience should be directly related to the brand.

  6. Talk about your booth online

    It is important to keep your booth the topic of conversation before, during and after the actual event. Write blog posts, post on social media and use customized user hashtags to build your brand outside of the actual trade show.

  7. Be consistent with your current brand

    When it comes to branding your booth at a trade show, ensure that you keep it consistent with the branding that you already have in place, such as your colours, logos and slogans. This will further reinforce your brand instead of contradicting it.

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