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May 23
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7 Beautiful Photo Booth Backdrops For Weddings

The pictures you take at your wedding will often be a large part of what you remember from your big day in the years to come. A photo booth is the perfect, versatile way to capture you and your guests in a less structured environment and depending upon the mood and colours of your wedding, you can tailor the perfect backdrop to reflect your wedding style and take beautiful photos.

Looking for some unique ideas that go beyond the traditional white background? Check out our favourite ideas for photobooths:

  1. A Wall of Succulents.

    Using a simple pallet or a canvas, hot glue lightweight succulents to the space. Use a variety of textures to really liven it up. This would work well with a variety of wedding themes, including gardens, boho chic, and garden-themed wedding and is an absolutely stunning option.

  2. A Fresh Flower Wall.

    Simply take a blank wall and use washi tape to hang rows of flesh flowers (with their stems attached) on top of each other, or widely spaced out. This works particularly well at a vintage themed wedding, as it makes for an elegant backdrop with a classic twist.

  3. Lace Doilies.

    Strings of lace doilies can be hung from just about anywhere, including trees, if your wedding is outdoors. They give a very boho vibe and work well with earthy or whimsical weddings. These lace garlands are especially pretty outside where they can sway back and forth with a little bit of wind.

  4. A Wall of Vines.

    Green vines work beautifully against a white wall. Intersperse your vines across your wall for a minimalist and earthy look.

  5. A Hand Painted Canvas.

    A hand painted canvas works well with weddings that are going for a minimal or artistic feel. While you can have a professional paint a canvas for you, you could also have a talented friend or family member take on the task, which can add an additional layer of sentiment to your photos. Even better, you can hang up the canvas in your home afterwards and enjoy it for years to come.

  6. A Paper Scroll Backdrop.

    Modern calligraphy has made a drastic jump in popularity thanks to Instagrammers like Lauren Hooper Calligraphy. Her various photos of simple, paper scroll backdrops prove that with nice handwriting and a sheet of kraft paper, you can incorporate your personal love story or your vows and give the illusion of being in a fairy tale with little effort and little budget.

  7. A Paper Flower Wall.

    This option can fit into just about any wedding, and you can customize the colours to fit in with your wedding palette. You can also mix and match different colours of flowers to give your backdrop a lot of texture and colour.

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