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Apr 25
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How To Get Your Guests To Actually Use Your Wedding Hashtag

You and your partner have come up with the perfect hashtag for your wedding. Now, all you have to do is get your guests to actually use it on your big day. We have five surefire ways to get your guests hashtagging their hearts out.

Instructions: You’re going to have to go above and beyond with your hashtag how-tos. Starting with your save-the-dates ensure that your wedding hashtag is prominently displayed on everything you send out. You can even include it in your email signature. The most important place to put your hashtag is on your wedding website. You will also need detailed instructions to show and remind your guests that if they’re using Instagram or other social media sites at your wedding, they need to be using the hashtag.

Signage: People need to see the hashtag in order to know to use it. Include signage that displays your hashtag all over the venue. If your wedding ceremony is in a religious institution they may not allow for outside signage. In that case, make sure that during the reception you have enough hashtag signs for your guests to see. You can make the signage yourself or you can have it done professionally.

Props and swag: From stir sticks to hats to centrepieces, your guests can be reminded to use your hashtag through the most unlikeliest of means. Props such as napkins, stir sticks and basically anything your guests will be using should be decorated with your wedding hashtag. Swag, anything you give away like gift bags, should also prominently feature your hashtag.

Hashtag printer: This fun tool allows your guests to print their Instagram pics directly from their phones. Set up the hashtag printer near a busy spot in the venue such as the outskirts of the dance floor or near the door so that people are sure to see it. Hashtag printers are easy to use and your guests will also get a photo keepsake that prints on the spot.

Photo booth: Photo booths create a great way for people to use your wedding hashtag because they allow you to upload the pics taken directly to social media. You can even pepper the booth’s backdrop with your hashtag so it’s in every photo taken.

Your wedding hashtag is for you to be able to see what your guests have captured on your big day. It helps ensure that memories are created and that everyone has a good time. Contact our team today for more information!

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