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Aug 8
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Make Your Karaoke Party a Success – 10 Tips

Planning a party is never a simple and easy thing to accomplish. Here are 10 simple tips to make your karaoke party a success.

1. Add Props

Assuming most of your guests are not professional singers, having props is a way to add to their performance. Props are a great way to get guests to break out of their shell. The sillier the props the better, it will allow people to have a great time and also help to engage the audience.

2. Dress in Costume

Similar to props, costumes are a great way for normally reserved people to let loose and have a great time singing their favourite karaoke tracks.

3. Create a Karaoke Competition

Since the hit TV Show American Idol began airing the popularity of karaoke competitions has increased tremendously. Have fun by electing 2-3 people as the judges and have your guest sing infront of them. This works with both individual singers and groups of singers. Once a winner is determined you can issue a prize or simply a small novelty trophy.

4. Get a Host

Often times at events party goers and reluctant to participate in activities since they are not familiar with one another. Designating a person as a host or hiring a professional karaoke host will help get the guests involved and participating in karaoke. Another benefit to hiring someone is that you will have one less thing to worry about throughout the evening and are able to focus on mingling with guest and having a good time.

5. Sing the first song

When it comes to karaoke, often times people are hesitant to sing as they don’t want to be the first person to perform.  By singing first you will break the ice and encourage other to come up and sing themselves.

6. Divide your guests into groups

This works best for larger events and parties, usually 50+ attendees. Instead of having individuals sing, divide the room by table and have each table perform a karaoke song together. By grouping guests together the shy people in the group can perform with the support of the outgoing ones.

7. Drinks

What’s a karaoke party without any alcohol? People will often wait until they have downed a few drinks to build some ‘liquid courage’ before they go anywhere near a microphone. Having a stocked bar and a variety of drinks to suit everyone attending. For non-alcoholic beverages, stock water, coffee, and sodas to suit their needs.

8. Location, Location, Location!

Sometimes your living room or backyard just won’t cut it when you are hosting a party with a lot of guests. Location is important and sets the tone of your event. A great place to look a local bar, restaurant, or hall. Most bars and restaurants won’t charge you to bring in large parties and sometimes may offer you a special party room, as long as your purchasing food and drinks. Halls on the other hand can be pricey depending on the size of the venue.

9. Set A Theme

Creating a theme is a great way to get guests in the mood for karaoke. You can even use the invitations as a sneak peek to the theme of the karaoke party. Asking your guests to dress up as their favourite rock stars is always a hit. Have the right decorations to set the rockstar theme.

10. Award Prizes

Having prizes such as gift cards or electronics is a way to get people who would be reluctant to perform up with the incentive of winning a prize. You would be surprised even the smallest prize is sometimes enough incentive to get people to perform.
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