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Holiday Party Ideas

Some of the most memorable, magical times in our lives are the holidays, when we can spend extra time with the people we love. Holiday parties are a staple of the holidays, a time when everyone is out to have a little extra fun. Whether you are hosting a family holiday party or a work/corporate holiday party, the end result is the same: You want to create a memorable event that is as fun as possible. One way to make your holiday party extra fun is with a photo booth rental. But not just a regular photo booth rental. Abbey Road Entertainment offers some of the most unique, cutting edge photo booths that you could possibly ever get your hands on, allowing you to transform your holiday event into an experience your guests will never forget. On top of that, photo booths provide wonderful mementos that are very unique. Whether your guests are young, old or anything in between, our photo booth rentals are guaranteed to make your next holiday party much better than the last.

Our photo booth rentals have the most advanced features, including 360 degree slow motion video, karaoke and even 3D printing. Our 3D Printing Experience is sure to shock all of your guests. Our screen technology enables people to create custom backgrounds of wherever they want to be in the world. Your guests can even become their favourite cartoons if they choose. Our photo booths also allow you to use light wands to paint custom designs on your photos. Of course, all of our photo booths come with premium props, which will have everyone giggling in no time.

Abbey Road Entertainment specializes in Corporate Events and Holiday Parties. We understand the importance of bringing a whole year of hard work together for one night of fun and appreciation. Photo booth rentals are also great ice breakers for new companies or if you’ve recently hired a lot of additional staff. Photo booths have a way of bringing everyone together. We have a massive inventory of all the latest and greatest in entertainment and event rentals. A particularly great photo booth rental for corporate holiday parties, and one of our most popular, is our Red Carpet Photography Photo Booth, which allows your holiday party to be transformed into a glamorous red carpet event. The status quo is never good enough and we make it our business to create unforgettable experiences, ones that will bring your company together for a memorable night of fun and interaction.

Abbey Road Entertainment’s photo booth rentals allow you to print an unlimited amount of photos with our onsite printing services. All photos are photo lab quality that will hold up over time so that they can be looked back on fondly for years to come. The holidays are always a busy time of the year, which is why we will deliver your photo booth rental for you. On top of that, we will set it up and pick it up for you, too. Our execution is seamless, which is absolutely necessary at any event.

If you require full service event management or just some interactive aspects to add to your event, Abbey Road Entertainment is your one stop shop. We pride ourselves on creating unique experiences for each and everyone of our clients. Some Holiday Party recommendations include, but are not limited to:

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