A Night at the Races

Looking for a unique event? Abbey Road Entertainment’s “A Night at the Races” may be the right choice for you! A Night at the Races will bring your guests all the fun and excitement of the races but in the comfort of your own venue. Whether a wedding reception, birthday party or fundraising event, you are betting on a sure thing! We use top-of-the-line video projection and digital sound equipment to bring all the excitement of a day at the track to your event.

How it Works:

The odds will be posted on the wall as well as in pamphlets spread out around the room. This grabs the attention of your guests from the moment they walk through the door.

Using a massive video screen (10′ x 7′) and projection system, together with professional sound system equipment, each race will be displayed.

Numerous “bookies” will be walking around the room taking the patron’s “action.” There will also be a cashiers booth and cashiers where people will be able to place their bets and cash out their winning tickets.

All our races have close finishes with the winner being in doubt right up to the post. Your guests really will have something to shout about as they watch their selections battle it out.

At the end of the night the play money is counted. Prizes are awarded to the patrons who were the most successful handicappers.

Staff Required: 5

Dimensions: Varies

Power Requirements: 120V 8amp

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