Welcome to the all-party game rentals and entertainment services page. Here you can search and see all the different items we offer in Toronto and the GTA. Browse through all the interactive sports, party game rentals and entertainment services. Our research team is continuously searching different continents to find the newest and most innovative entertainment game rentals to bring to your next event. In 2019 we got the Giant Snow Globe, the Roll-A- Ball and the Giant Piano to Toronto. Our goal is to deliver the type and style of party game rentals that will leave a lasting impression for you and your guests. We want nothing more than to see smiles and playful banter of guests playing the party game rentals or being entertained by the entertainment services division. If you were wondering where to rent games for a party – Abbey Road Entertainment has many game rental items to fit any event, party, or function.

Although 2020 brought some significant challenges to the party game rental business in Toronto, we did not let it stop us from maintaining and growing out our different game and interactive options. We added the LED dance floor, an updated new version similar to Dance Dance Revolution and added LED swings, see-saws, and more. The team at Abbey Road Entertainment is very excited to show off all the different interactives and game rentals we have in store for 2021 and 2022. The year of the Covid-19 pandemic allowed our team to adapt and start virtual events division. This division consists of virtual casino parties, virtual trivia, virtual photo booths and more. Although this begin filling a void for companies to engage their staff when gathering wasn’t allowed. It has now evolved into a great option for remote teams that do not live close to one another.

If you are here in Toronto or the GTA and inquiring, you are dealing with game experts and party game rentals we are about. Our event specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding what games or promotions would work best for your next event. Do not hesitate to ask about game rental options that you do not see on the site, as we may buy specific games for customers upon request.

We are offering a wide variety of fun corporate party rentals and rentals for private functions and fundraisers. We have the correct type of party game rentals for any event. Arcade Games Rentals, Casino Table Rentals, and Photo Booth Rentals are just some of our offer’s different party game services.

Above you will find the parent categories for both the party game rentals and the entertainment services. Each class will offer different elements of our party game rental inventory and the different services we offer. It was organized to allow you to narrow down the specific items you are looking for and not be overwhelmed by the entirety of our complete inventory of party rentals. Once on our filter page, there is a filter option on the left side of your screen. This will allow you to see as many party game rental categories or as few you would like at the same time.


Looking for where to rent games for a party? Please browse all the interactive sports and party game rentals that we offer. We are continuously scouring the globe to find the newest and most innovative entertainment game rentals around. Our goal is to deliver the type and style of game rentals that will leave a lasting impression. We want nothing more than to see the huge smiles and playful banter of guests playing our interactive party game rentals. Pick and choose from our massive array of game rentals suitable for any event, party, or function. Offering a wide variety of party game rentals to please just about anyone. Feel free to call one of our event planners if you have any questions or cannot find what you are looking for.

The team at Abbey Road Entertainment is looking forward to servicing your next big occasion. The inventory is continuously being added to. If there is something that you want, but cannot find it on the website please ask. If it the right product for us to carry, we more tan likely would purchase the game or device specifically for your event.

Also offering great sports themed rentals, including the Electronic Hockey Net, Interactive Sports Simulator, Super Deker, Bubble Hockey, Foosball, and much more. For a relaxing day at the park, try our giant lawn games, such as Giant Chess, Giant Checkers, Giant Tower Game, and more. Offering game rental services in Toronto and throughout the GTA.