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Nov 1
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Planning a successful corporate event

The most seasoned corporate event planner knows that no matter how many seminars, workshops, meetings or galas they’ve organized, one thing is certain: The unexpected will happen.
Even when you believe you’ve got everything covered, corporate event planning has many moving parts. Below are some challenges that event planners face and ways that they can be overcome.

1. Too many people came

You want a lot of people to attend your event, right? Of course you do. But too big of a crowd can be a bad thing. If you have more attendees than you planned for, that can lead to overcrowding and extended lines at restrooms, buffets and coat rooms.

Consider establishing a limit on ticket sales to stop overcrowding before it starts. Set up a wait list for future events. If you’re still accepting reservations for your event and notice its becoming too crowded for the venue you selected, you may still have time to move to a larger location. If the event is free, consider allowing guests in on a first come, first served basis.

2. Nobody came

There can be nothing as devastating as planning and paying for an event that is not well attended or you’ve only been able to attract a couple of speakers, a single sponsor and so-so entertainment. And if you didn’t charge for tickets, attendees might not feel obligated to come.

To avoid this, closely monitor ticket sales, even if they are free. If they are lackluster, offer free gift bags and giveaways to create buzz about the event.

3. Location frustration

The news that you don’t want to hear as a planner is that there’s a problem with the venue, especially on the day of the event. Online ticketing can help you overcome this challenge because it can provide you with your attendees contact information so you can reach out to them with any last minute changes to the schedule.

4. Entertaining entanglements

Attendees show up at events to be entertained and you want to keep them engaged throughout your event, but what happens when the band cancels at last minute? Be prepared with an entertaining presentation of your own, complete with videos and pictures.

5. Speaker no-show

You’ve booked one of the most respected speakers there is for you event, only to have him back out. You realize your guests were looking forward to hearing the presentation and know you’re worried they’ll cancel out as well.

If there’s time, ask the speaker to record or video his presentation so you can at least play it at your event as you line up a new speaker.

You should also be upfront with your attendees and tell them what’s happened prior to the event and have an established refund policy in place for those who ask for their money back.

There’s a lot that can go wrong when you are organizing an event. The best way to avoid any snafu’s is to have a plan in place to handle the unexpected.

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