As an additional service to Clients, Abbey Road Entertainment offers the Damage Waiver Protection option (“DWP”). DWP can assist with removing the repair/replacement cost for damage to equipment during the rental period.

The payment for DWP shall be an additional fee equal to 13% (plus applicable taxes) of the total fee of the rental equipment.

The DWP shall release the Client from any accidental damage to the equipment, subject to theft or disappearance of equipment, or the misuse of the equipment, or malicious or willful misconduct of the Client, its guests or anyone else for whom they are responsible for by law.

For further clarity, the Client understands and acknowledges that misuse of the equipment shall include, any movement of, or tampering with the equipment after Abbey Road Entertainment has installed it, or vandalizing of the equipment. The Client further understands and acknowledges that failure to comply with this paragraph shall prohibit the Client from entitlement to under the DWP and the Client shall be responsible and liable for any damages that may occur as a result of a breach of this paragraph.

The Client acknowledges and agrees that DWP is not insurance and is not mandatory.