STEP ONE – Welcome Package For Your Guests

Option #1

We ship a welcome package to your guests, which includes; party favours, ingredients to make the drinks and more….

(Approx $85 per guest)

Option #2

You send the welcome package to your guests. We provide a shopping list for you.

(No Additional Cost)

Option #3

We send you a shopping list that you forward to your guests. Many employers provide a prepaid visa or credit card to cover costs.

STEP TWO – Choose Your Entertainer

Live Magician

Two interactive magic shows with our talented illusionist.


Live Flair Bartender

Two drink creation lessons and interactive performance
(Guests have a mocktail option)

STEP THREE – Choose Your Casino Package

You can choose from our professional casino tables:

Blackjack, Craps or War

Each casino table includes a professional casino dealer and seating for up to 6 guests


1. Introduction (By our host)

2. Session With Your Entertainer

3. Casino Session

4. Company Speeches (Optional)

5. Raffle / Price Giveaways

6. Event Concludes

(Total Time: Approximately 1.5 Hours)


Raffle Prizes:

Option #1

You purchase and distribute the prizes to the winning guests.

(We recommend you budget $10 per guest)

Option #2

We purchase and send digital gift cards to the winning guests.

(15% Convenience fee)